One for the Road: Quiet Corners of Paris

It’s been awhile since we’ve mentioned some of The Little Bookworm’s unique travel guides. So let’s get right to it — The boutique publisher has released two new books about Paris that are surely worth a mention. The first is this pretty little peek at the Quiet Corners of Paris. Hasn’t the title alone transported you to some narrow cobblestone rue off the Seine? Wandering through winding lanes and courtyards of the arrondissements sounds quite magical. Author Jean-Christophe Napias has identified over eighty of these hidden spots for wander-lovers to explore at their leisure while visiting the city of lights.

And after several hours strolling through the streets of Paris, the hunger pangs will surely require a stop at an authentic Paris brasserie. Which is where The Brasseries of Paris will come in handy. This guide to some of the very best French eateries includes photos and details about the history of these city landmarks. It’s also lightweight enough to throw in your bag when boarding that flight to Paris. Now get going — what more motivation do you need? Bon Voyage!