Luxury Hotel App: The Most Perfect View

Have you ever wished you could choose your hotel based on the view from the guestroom window? Now you can, with the The Most Perfect View.

Launched last October, the booking site allows travelers to browse over 250 properties – each with breathtaking views – across five continents. For example, searching the site’s hotels will show you Paris hotels with views of the Eiffel Tower, Venice hotels with rooms facing Venice’s lagoon and the Doge’s Palace and remote hotels in Africa where guests can watch herds of elephants.

“Most of the chosen views are already recognized as symbols of quality and luxury, and are strategically positioned in places of rare beauty,” explains the website’s creator, Paulo Palha, in a release.

To use The Most Perfect View, users do a search on the country of interest. From there, they can choose a hotel based on their favorite view. While the tool does overlap in certain ways with the hotel booking site Room 77, The Most Perfect View focuses more on view itself. For example, when searching for Venice, Italy, hotels, the only hotel information I am shown is the property’s name and a large, high resolution photo of the view from the room. Moreover, while Room 77 helps travelers find a great room in properties from 1 star and up, The Most Perfect View only lists handpicked 4 and 5 star properties with excellent window views.

This spring, The Most Perfect View will be launching a new website, with a more specified search engine. Users will be able to type “Eiffel Tower” or “Taj Mahal” and be instantly taken to corresponding hotels.