Theatre at Sea Cruise: Top-Notch Actors and the Amazon

Lately, I’ve been thinking I ought to go on a cruise. Geek Cruises perked up my interest. So did finding out I could get credit to renew teaching certification on another. Here’s the cruise of cruises–possibly the right combination of reasons to take in some luxury, see the world and have a wonderful time being entertained by the best.

Regent Cruises has an intriguing option for taking a vacation and maximizing a holiday experience. Theatre at Sea Cruise (a venture between The Theatre Guild Broadway and the cruise line) involves traveling 1,000 miles of the Amazon in Brazil (plus trips to Barbados, Puerto Rico and Dominica) with stars like Edward Asner, Patricia Neal and Eli Wallah who put on plays at night–one at the 1890s Manus Opera House. From what I read, the cruise on the Regent Seven Seas Mariner (February 21-March 4) sounds like the line between audience and actors are blurred. The actors don’t disappear between the times the curtain goes up and down. Instead, the after the play parties are for everyone. The thing I also like about this cruise is that Brazil is an integral part of the experience. Along the way, the tour takes in ports beyond just the usual beach and shopping fare–there are two stops at indigenous villages, although I do wonder what the people in the villages think when a bunch of tourists traveling by luxury liner descend on them.

If you are looking for luxury and creative energy that crackles, this might be it. When I opened the email from The New York Times Ticket Watch expecting to find discount tickets to a show on Broadway, I sure felt energized finding this offering instead. If someone can swing this, I say, go for it. If you can’t make this one, how about the Around the World Tour on the Queen Victoria in 2009?