Valentine’s Day and two chocolate fixes

Over at Intelligent Traveler Jeannette Kimmel describes in detail the chocolate covered hotel room experience one couple will win in Godiva Valentine’s Day Promotion. The Bryant Park Hotel in New York City is the site of this Ultimate Chocolate Fantasy weekend that includes a chocolate spa treatment. That reminds me of the scene in The Who’s movie “Tommy” when Ann Margaret, wearing a white outfit, swims in the stuff. Odd. As a person who is satisfied with one square of dark chocolate, the thought of chocolate covered walls paired with chocolate furniture makes me feel a bit ill, but I admit, the idea is fascinating.

For a chance to win this first prize, or one of the 100 second prizes, look inside a specially marked $23 or more Godiva gift box to see if there’s a message in an enveleope that says “Congratulations!” That’s the short version–here are the details.

If the idea of a chocolate bath or any kind of chocolate beauty treatment sounds enticing, there’s more than the contest version. In Hershey, Pennsylvania at The Hotel Hershey, you can get a Whipped Cocoa Bath, Chocolate Hydrotherapy, a Chocolate Bean Polish, a Chocolate Sugar Scrub, a Chocolate Fondue Wrap and/or a Cocoa Massage. Don’t stop with one treatment. There’s a whole menu on the Day Spa package list.