Bid To Fly The Friendly Skies, Today

The idea of flying the friendly skies in a commercial airplane apparently still has its allure for many. A common dream is to be behind the controls of a jumbo jet, responsible for not just the $100 million aircraft, but also the lives of passengers and crew. Today, one would-be “pilot” will win that incredible experience in a United Airlines simulator training session – if they bid enough award miles.

Put your money away, but get out your United MileagePlus card because the current bid is over 200,000 miles with just one day left to bid.

The high bidder and a guest will fly to Denver on June 1, a day ahead of the training session, with flight, hotel and ground transportation included. Professional instructors will explain how it all works, allow you to pick the airport and weather for your flight and even let you try out the evacuation slide and the slide raft, just in case something should go wrong.

If you win, look forward to a Q & A with airline professionals, learning about safety and emergency procedures, two hours flying time in the flight simulator used to train pilots and a catered lunch.

See more at United Airlines.

[Flickr photo by by curimedia]