The Hostel Life comes to reality TV

From the controversy that was the “Real World” to today’s situation that is “The Jersey Shore”; from the depths of “Survivor” to the details of “Amazing Race”, travel is no stranger to TV. As new reality shows continue to come to life, one new travel spot is taking another approach: the Web.

The Hostel Life is a new adventure series that offers viewers a unique experience into the adventures of hostel hopping around the globe. The website will host an interactive series in which viewers can explore various parts of the world with The Hostel Life cast members and vote on the next destination.

The series will begin in Panama City, Panama, and where the cast and crew go from there is up to the viewers. Backpackers adhere to a modest weekly budget of $300-$400 to demonstrate the options available when traveling on a limited budget.

“The most intriguing element within the show is the drama created by simply experiencing travel. We [myself, the cast and crew] are merely participants in how the story unfolds. Some of the situations and scenarios are just as surprising to us as they are to our viewers,” said Mehdy Ghannad, creator of The Hostel Life.

The concept is interesting, but I wonder if characters like Puck and Snookie can survive in a hostel world. The pilot season is scheduled to be filmed next month, and all webisodes will be viewable at