The Longest Way: An awesomely bearded journey

One of my favorite things about traveling is that I don’t have to worry as much about my physical appearance. You see, I vehemently hate shaving. So, traveling allows me to go from this to this with the occasional detour here. But the video above documents the amazing transformation that German traveler Christoph Rehage underwent as he traversed over 4000km of China by foot. He originally set out to walk from Beijing back to his home in Germany, but his plans changed after several documentation issues. Still, his experience, and this video, are fantastic.

As the days pass and the kilometers add up, Christoph’s physical appearance changes dramatically. You see places and people come and go while the one constant in the video, Christoph himself, becomes barely recognizable.

Travel can transform us in many ways, and Christoph’s trip seems to have made quite an impact. You can read all about his journey at his website.

The Longest Way