Pack for a theme party – Cruise tip

If you really want to get into the spirit of a cruise, you’ll want to participate in any theme parties or special events on board.

Before departing, contact the cruise line to find out what will be offered on your cruise. Toga parties require a gown made of bed sheets, of course, while shamrocks and green hats are appropriate for a St. Patrick’s celebration. Beads, feathers and masks are in order for a Mardi Gras parade, and pirate garb would be appropriate for any pirate-themed celebration.

You can sometimes buy the items aboard ship to make your costume, but why spend the money? Pack your own outfit and save your cash for a Hurricane cocktail.

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Roadtrippin’ with a theme – Road trip tip

Road trips are meant to be fun and adventurous. Up the stakes by picking a theme for your trip!

Choose a theme that you and your travel buddies agree might be interesting, and do your best to center your stops and sightseeing around this theme. The possibilities are endless:

  • Food theme: Eat only barbecue across the Southeastern U.S.
  • Sports theme: Pit-stop at small town parks for quick games of touch football
  • Souvenir theme: Collect tacky knick-knacks from truck stops and gas stations
  • Couch theme: Limit your overnight stays to only couch-surfing

China’s first adult theme park never able to open

The first sexually explicit theme park to be erected in China will never welcome its first guest. The park was torn down because of criticism from public officials. In particular, the artwork was a bit much for the politicians’ sensibilities.

Love Land, as the park was to be called, was scheduled to open in Chongqin in October. The park would have offered exhibits on sexual history and workshops for guests on how to improve their love lives.

The lack of subtlety, I suspect, made things difficult for Love Land. The sign at the front had a woman’s legs – with a red thong just above – straddling the park’s name. Over the weekend, city officials ordered the park’s destruction, calling it “vulgar, ill-minded and misleading.”

Click the pictures to learn about other unusual amusement parks, from a park based on the works of Charles Dickens, to a park with a ride called “Dog Fart Switchback,” to a park that’s twice the size of Disneyland.

Fancy a Theme Cruise?

Ever been on a cruise? I haven’t — I love boats but something about being the herded on and off a ship, all while being ferried around to only the places the organizer wants you to see make me think it isn’t my thing. But lots of people love cruises, and I can see why — food and entertainment are at your disposal, and the chance to see numerous destinations on one vacation is ideal.

What about themed cruises? I knew there was a Disney-themed cruise, but beyond that, I’m out of the loop. Turns out there are lots of different types of cruises — you can find one that focuses on fitness, nature, arts and more. As for lifestyle cruises, there are gay and lesbian cruises (Rosie O’Donnell runs one of these) , singles cruises and even nudist cruises (wouldn’t that be a shocker if you ended up on a nudist cruise by accident.)

Wait, there’s more. This cruise guide lists lots of other theme cruises, including quilting cruises (now does that sound like a wild and crazy time or what?), Grand Ole Opry cruises, Kentucky Derby cruises, Smithsonian Art Appreciation cruises, Formula 1 race car instruction cruises (on a boat?), classical music cruises and much more. And they’re all coming up this fall if you’re interested in booking.

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