Take Air Lift to Mexico: Breasts and a Hat Dance

I know a person who went to Mexico two years ago to get her teeth done. She needed a couple of them capped and a filling or two–perhaps even a root canal. Before she went she told me how much cheaper these procedures are across the U.S.’s southern border and that her best friend who lives in Arizona always goes to Mexico for dental work. Going to the dentist in Mexico meant she’d have a good reason to visit her best friend and take a mini vacation.

These days people are heading to Mexico for more than their teeth. Plastic surgery jaunts to Guadalajara are more and more common. (Read recent Christian Science Monitor article). First, the prices in Mexico are considerably lower. For example, as the article states, a “tummy tuck” in Mexico is $4,000. In the U.S. it’s $15,000. There’s even a company based in North Carolina that makes this experience easier. Air Lift connects patients with surgeons, a private home to stay in and transportation from the home to the surgeon. I do have to say that the company’s title cracks me up. It makes me think things like: Get your face lift thanks to Air lift. Your breasts need a lift? Try Air Lift. Stuff like that.

Secondly, Guadalarjara is where the Mexican hat dance song and mariachi bands originated. Click on picture to find out more information about that. Actually plastic surgery and this tidbit about the hat dance have nothing to do with each other, but I did find out about the mariachi angle when I went searching for a photograph to use for this post. This was an “I didn’t know that” moment and thought I’d share it.

Although there are some tour companies that use the come to Mexico for a vacation and have a bit of plastic surgery while you’re here angle, these types are not recommended since plastic surgery is not fun and games.