Summer Skiing Way Down South

Here we are reaching the end of a lovely summer, lots of vacations taken, a few scares here and there, but so far rather sedate for most. But perhaps you’re one of those skier types who did not get enough out of our last winter’s snowfall. Then what can you do about it now? Well, as most of you probably know, it is wintertime in the Southern hemisphere and that means that there is skiiing to be done in places like Chile.

Way down south, there are several excellent resorts to choose from, including Portillo, Valle Nevado, and Termas de Chillán. The snowfall in Chile is said to be excellent, with as much as 280 inches at Portillo and much “corn snow” to be shredded. I’ve skied Chile myself and consider it excellent terrain. And one of the best parts is topping off the day with a nice Pisco Sour. Yum.

Budget Travel is talking about decent package deals to get down there just you and your boards starting at about $1200 for a week.