Airport information: Making the best of a long layover

Stuck at the airport?

Go find yourself an internet café at the terminal and pop on over to Expedia where you can read Harriet Baskas’ column, Stuck at the Airport.

The pull down menu on the homepage lists 65 airports across the world. Each link dishes out a bevy of information about the airport starting off with a short history (boring!) and then jumping on to the more important facts such as maps, local transportation information, location of internet kiosks, listings of which carriers serve which terminals, food (including “Best of” suggestions), business centers, bars, and shopping.

Baska also has some pretty cool ideas for those really long layovers. Her coverage of LAX, for example, offers the suggestion of taking a free shuttle to the nearby Crown Plaza Hotel. There is a 24-Hour Fitness located next door and for just $10 you can work out and then take a shower before returning to the airport.

Pretty cool. If I was a regular business traveler, I’d download this information to my PDA and carry it with me at all times just in case I get slapped with that dreaded, long layover.