Thorntons’ Wall of Chocolate: The World’s First Edible Billboard

In anticipation of Easter — and to the delight of chocoholics everywhere! — UK candy retailer Thorntons invited visitors to London’s Covent Garden to pick away at the giant wall of chocolate it erected. Decorated with 10 hand-crafted chocolate bunnies and 72 eggs, the 860-pound chocolate wall included 128 individual panels.

It took Thorntons’ master chocolatier Barry Colenso — and his 10-person team — three months to plan the wall and 300 hours to build it. Thorntons expected the wall would last for a week. Guess how long it took nibbling passers-by to devour the wall?

According to the BBC, hungry passersby finished off the candy in three hours.

If I’d been there, it would’ve taken just under 2!

[Thanks, Marilyn!]