Gadlinks for Monday 11.30.09

I hope you all survived the biggest shopping weekend of the year! With Black Friday AND Cyber Monday your pockets may very well be depleted but your spirits should be high — of course. As we enter a new decade in one month, it might be a good idea to adjust our travel lens and be travel adventurers! Here are some great adventurous reads for this daredevil-themed Monday. Enjoy!

‘Til tomorrow, have a great evening.

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Roller Coasters, Theme Parks, Cultures & More

Call me out of touch with the whole
amusement park business, but "Dude! Where’s My
Passport?! 2005"
doesn’t strike me as a likely film title for theme park reviews. Am I alone on this one?
The new DVD by Don Garrison and Monica Jack showcases 15 parks across Europe like Thrope Park in England, Vidampark in
Hungary and Alpine Coasters out of Austria. Thrill Network does an amazing job
describing each segment of the DVD
and as a whole offers this for any interested other, um, coaster ‘tools’ out there:

"These DVD’s
include amazing footage of not just roller coasters, but cities around Europe. From Thrope Park to Parc Asterix and
back again, these tools are in for a world of fun. From being crazy "gangsta" to touring Europe, Don has a
few run-ins with a certain trampoline that will have you laughing when the trampoline actually beats him!"

Wait  – crazy gangsta? Since when did ‘crazy gangsta’ and theme parks become almost one-in-one? Last time I
went to Disney World or Knotts
Berry Farm
I don’t remember Mickey or Snoopy being crazy gangsta. Perhaps I was at the wrong park? If you’re a lover
of coasters worldwide I suggest checking out the DVD.
Furthermore, I welcome you to come back and make some sense of all this for me. I may not know which ride your passport
flew off on, but Dude, I’m sure feeling like I need to trade mine for a lesson in Roller Coaster Cool 101.

order the DVD or find out more visit Theme Park Review.