Video: Canyoning in the Pyrenees, Spain

Thrill seekers will love the unique and adventurous sport of canyoning. This activity, which involves traversing throughout a canyon, combines different techniques within the experience, including hiking, swimming, abseiling, scrambling, climbing, and more. The ideal canyons used for canyoning often include narrow gorges, flowing water, and various drops that must be navigated.

Want to see for yourself what canyoning looks like from the point of view of the adventurer? Check out this video:

The best video of rafting trip crash and burns

When picking a rafting trip like one down the Grand Canyon, whether it’s the day long or several days version, make sure that the trip is a good fit for you. How much excitement are you after? How does the thought of dumping out of the raft grab you? Are you up for a crash and burn experience or is a leisurely float more your style?

For a rollicking look at what dumping out of a raft in white water rapids looks like, check out this video. The footage is strung together vignettes over eight years of rafting trips. Amazingly, according to what I’ve read in the comments, no one was hurt with any of these dump and tumbles. If you have never figured out why a life vest is important even if you know how to swim, here’s your answer. Plus, a helmet is your friend.

The rivers featured are: Gauley River in West Virginia, Zambezi River in Africa, the Moose River in New York and the Black River, also in New York. Click on each river for a link to a raft company that runs trips down it. The music for this video is a perfect fit.

It’s roller coaster season: Ride the Beast

The Beast at King’s Island in Mason, Ohio not far from Cincinnati is by far my favorite roller coaster. It’s a body rattling thrill that has two major drops. Halfway through the 4 1/2 minute ride which makes it the longest wooden roller coaster in the world, the cars take a step climb upwards and a speedy, spine tingling, stomach dropping ride groundwards. This video was made by placing a camera on front of the roller coaster and captures the sights and sounds of the experience rather well. The Coaster Critique rode The Beast when I last did–at night. Highly recommended.

Here’s my technique for not ending up with a sore neck. Clasp one hand in back of your neck with your forearm pressed against your cheek and your elbow pointing out in front of you. It may look slightly ridiculous, but it works like a charm.