Zebra Map: A Map For Time Zones, Not For Zebras

Got a travel blog and want to feature different time zones? The ZebraMap time zone map is a free, customizable map that you can use on its own or as part of a blog or web site. You can choose from twenty color schemes, add locations, and position the labels anywhere on the map. This map illustrates Bjork’s summer concert schedule.

You can also add hyperlinks to the labels, so people can click on the label “Roskilde, DK,” for example, and visit the concert’s site.

By the way, if you want to learn more about Roskilde — or any other summer concerts — be sure to check out Gadling’s Massively Huge 2007 Summer Music Festival Roundup. If you want to learn more about zebras, check out the African Wildlife Foundation.

Global Time Travel Clock

Unless they can add and subtract, like, really well, globe-trekkers are frequently wondering what time it is. Why bother with annoying old math when you can simply rotate a bezel and get the right time?

Brookstone’s $30 Global Time Travel Clock is so smart, it knows the time anywhere on earth. Simply turn the dial to learn the precise time (and day of the week) in any of the planet’s 24 time zones. Don’t have nocturnal vision? Brookstone didn’t think so. That’s why they gave the clock a backlit screen. Just touch the clock face, and the screen lights up.

Also boasting a built-in super-bright LED flashlight, you can even use the clock to make sure that noise you hear isn’t the sound of your hotel’s doorknob slowly twisting…