Toronto Airport Opens Lounge for All Passengers

Toronto Pearson International has announced that it is opening a lounge for all passengers. Before you start envisioning a scene similar to the chaotic free-for-all at the local buffet, you should know that entry is $35. Pretty steep for those who just want to hang out and see if they can snag a few peanuts off the bar.

What does the $35 get you? Lounge-users have access to wireless internet, printers, large flat-screen televisions and some quality food and drink. $35 might seem a bit steep, but not as expensive as upgrading to business-class or first-class just so you can spend your layover in the lounge. The lounge is in Pearson’s Terminal 1, near the international pier.

Terminal 1 is actually one of the more pleasant places in the world to wait for a connecting flight. Travelers could easily chew up a couple of hours wandering between the numerous art installations and shops in the terminal.