Statue of Rocky Balboa Might Turn the Luck of a Serbian Village

There is a village in Serbia with such bum luck that they are hoping for miracles-and if not a miracle, then perhaps a statue will do. Rocky Balboa is hopefully coming to the rescue. That’s the general idea anyway. As another indication of the power and far-reaching influence of Hollywood, consider this: When Bojan Marceta resident of Zitiste, the town with the no end of weather induced natural disasters recently saw the newest Rocky movie incarnation, Rocky Balboa, he thought a statue of this underdog who never quits is just the solution the town needs. A metaphor for not giving up, if you will.

I looked up Zitiste just to see where this town is and what it’s dealing with. Landslides and floods abound it seems. There is one motel listed that I could find. Located just north of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and a cultural center, perhaps Zitiste’s residents can hook into some tourist travel from there. If nothing else, the statue may work to keep the land from sliding.

In case you’re wondering about Rocky Balboa statue history (I know I was ) here is a link to Total Fast Facts that gives info about where they are and why they ended up where they did.