Trader Joe's: An Insider's Guide

The opening of a new Trader Joes here in New York City a week ago was the talk of the town. And I mean
that. It was as if a new department store in the era of Bloomingdale’s had opened up. And maybe that’s kind of
like what happened. maybe these giant discount food stores like Costco and TJs, as the store is affectionately known in
Los Angeles (my dad shops there religiously), maybe these places ARE the new Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom and whatever.
I know that I am excited. Why? Because I go to a place next to my apartment called D’Agostinos. Do you know how much a
fricken tomato costs at "Dag" as it is NOT so affectionately known? Two bleeping bucks. I bought an onion
last night to make tacos and they charged me a buck twenty-five. What does a bottle of Bogle Chardonnay run you at most
places? About $12. The idea that you can waltz into a store and buy a decent-tasting bottle of two-buck Chuck in
Manhattan is about as important a realization as the second coming.

So that’s my take anyway. But the folks
over at Slate take up the TJ issue by offering an insider’s guide to the
well-known franchise. This particular guide goes into a store in LA, but it might equally swerve to inform you about the
new store in Manhattan, one I haven’t visited yet, but will be sure to frequent when I am able and low on food and