Video Of The Day: Pong Traffic Light

What do you do when you’re waiting to cross the street? Do you people watch, run through your mental to-do list, or count cars? If you’re in Germany, you might get to play a little Pong while you wait for the little green man to flash. A recent video on YouTube uploaded by Caburaska shows a German demonstrating the Pong traffic light game, played with a willing stranger (and potential love connection, judging from his face after their high-five) at a busy intersection. According to the video comments, the game might be just part of a project rather than a city-sanctioned installation, but it’s still pretty cool. I’d like to see Frogger at stoplights next.

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Zombies invade Texas town

Hackers delivered a warning to played a prank on Austin, TX commuters this morning, according to local television station KXAN. Near the intersection of Lamar Blvd. and Martin Luther King Blvd., an electronic traffic sign cautioned: “ZOMBIES IN AREA! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”

To make matters worse, they are NAZI zombies, as you’ll see from the video below.

Local motorists appear to have taken it in the intended spirit. Jane Shin, a University of Texas sophomore, “thought it was pretty funny.” But, the authorities did not share her sense of humor. Sarah Hartley, spokesperson for the city, called the hack “really serious” and reminded us all that “it is a crime.” Breaking a padlock and bypassing the password to an electronic street sign is a class C misdemeanor in Texas.

And, I understand why. When zombies really are in the area, we need to be able to take the NAZI zombie threat seriously.

[Thanks, Christine. Photo by Wyscan, licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.]