Video: Man lies on train tracks – films train rolling above him

People will go to great lengths to get their ugly face on Youtube nowadays. Sadly, as our attention spans grow weaker each year, we are no longer amused by the kind of stuff that used to be considered “viral”. Which probably explains the rationale behind this idiot who filmed himself lying on train tracks as a train passes over him.

As with most video clips that involve something really dumb, most of the comments point towards “fake” – but we prefer to let you be the judge.

Needless to say, we here at Gadling do not recommend anyone doing stupid stunts like this, no matter how badly you want to become the next 15 minute YouTube sensation.


Photo of the Day (3/5/08)

There’s beauty in things that change over time. This bridge that is no longer in use reminds me of old lace. Although the era has passed for this bridge, it remains as evidence of people and goods passing through. Where did they go? Who once stood by this track, looking up, watching the trains go by? Are there any coins flattened on the rail in a child’s experiment? expixero who posted this shot said this was taken by the Old Port in Montreal.

What evidence have you found in your travels of people who once passed through? Share with us at Gadling’s Flickr photo pool.