Nina Katchadourian: Aviation Artiste

nina katchadourian
Courtesy of Nina Katchadourian

Gadling has reported on the quirky photographs of frequent flier Nina Katchadourian before. Best known for her toilet-seat-cover self-portraits (really), the California-born photographer was first inspired on a 2010 flight from New York to Atlanta. Today, she’s also gained quite a following for her iPhone in-flight portraits called “Seat Assignment.”

CNN has compiled a slideshow of some of Katchadourian’s best work – including photographic mock “disaster scenarios, seat-buckle seatmate portraits, snack sculptures, and more.” Relying only upon the materials at hand, including in-flight magazines, sweater lint, pretzels and sugar packets, Katchadourian manages to create work that’s witty, absurd and, somehow, profound. We love.

Travel Works & Art of Aurélie Pedrajas

Sri LankaStumbled upon this pleasant looking site while I was hunting for a globe image and it makes me wish that I could really, really speak French for once. Thank goodness there are images and artwork to assist me in my inability to communicate through words. Aurélie Pedrajas’ website is fully in French and from what I gather she travels the world and makes beautiful artwork from her experiences. In my own opinion they’re quite whimsical. This Sri Lanka inspired piece makes me long to go to the tear-drop shaped island and leaves a lot to fantasize about.

Very, very nice!