Gadling Take FIVE: Week of Jan. 3-Jan. 9

With the 2009 turnover has come new beginnings and changes that have influenced the travel world. Some changes began to happen a few years to thousands of years ago.

  • Jeremy who struggles with change on laundry day, discusses the lack of coins problem in Argentina, an issue that has been exaserbated by the economy.
  • As a postive change, Brenda highlighted a recent move by President Bush. He announced this week that three marine monuments have been created in the Pacific Ocean in order to protect the environment. Yes, it’s true, Shon. It was Bush, the guy in the White House. (Shon left a comment on Brenda’s post. We love comments.)
  • In his post on Australia’s Monash University’s new Web site, Aaron points describes how you can find out how the Earth’s physical appearance has changed over thousands of years as ice has melted by using the interactive map.
  • As tourism to Cambodia continues to rise, changes are happening in its travel landscape. Tom delves into the country’s ecotourism efforts.
  • Scott’s post on the first passenger airplane from Europe to land in Baghdad over the last 18 years, hopefully, indicates positive changes to come. The charter plane from Sweden had mostly Iraqis on board. They now live in Europe.

This week also marked the beginning of Gadling’s month long Budget Travel series where we point you towards places that might help you keep more change in your pocket. Check every Monday through Friday for new destinations. So far we’ve covered: Baltimore, Amsterdam, The Lake Effect Wine Trail, San Francisco, and Butte, Montana.

Also, don’t miss the posts of Jon Bowermaster, Gadling’s latest guest blogger who is writing posts from Antarctica. Each week there will be something to learn and enjoy from Jon’s intimate connection. He first went to Antarctica twenty years ago as part of an international dog sled team.