Personalized Playlists for your Travels

Personalizing a soundtrack to match your travel destination is a cool idea, but something that few people have the time for. And besides, what exactly are you going to put on your playlist for a destination you’ve never been to before?

That’s why the experts at Audio Sushi are here to serve you. This British company specializes in compiling the perfect blend of music for any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday party, running on the beach, or basically any other activity you can think of.

You can even pick a travel location and Audio Sushi “compiles a bespoke selection of music that embodies the essence of your holiday destination in a style of music you’ll appreciate.”

The price is a bit steep, £130 for an 80-minute playlist, but I suppose it might be worth it if they nail the mood of the place and make your vacation all that much better.