Video: A Sublime Disruption

A Sublime Disruption” from Gareth Nolan on Vimeo.

Gareth Nolan shot this short film, “A Sublime Disruption,” during a trip around the world he took in 2011. “This video is not about the places I visited, but merely an attempt to evoke the feeling of wonder and excitement in seeing as much as I was lucky to,” Nolan says on his Vimeo page. Indeed, this video captures the wonder of travel well. With footage from Belize, Bolivia, Cambodia, Cook Islands, Chile, China, French Polynesia, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, Tibet and The United States, from what I can tell, Nolan spent the year 2011 well.

Where The Hell Is Matt? Gets Zapped By Tesla Cannon

In case you’re unfamiliar with gadabout/YouTube sensation/random dancer Where the Hell is Matt?, I suggest you click here. Or, you can take the easy way out and read this synopsis: Matt Harding is that guy who made a bunch of videos of himself doing a goofy dance in front of various global landmarks, and achieved that peculiar level of fame unique to those who have gone viral.

In the video below, Matt is shown getting bombarded with 10,000 volts of electricity by a Tesla cannon. I had no idea what that is, because my editor just assigned me this post. I’m glad, because I was watching a really bad Greek film on Netflix.

Anyway, a Tesla cannon, according to Fallout Wiki, is a “shoulder-mounted directed energy weapon using technology pioneered by Nikola Tesla.” I also needed to look up who Nikola Tesla was, so don’t feel bad (maybe I should feel bad)?

Matt, we appreciate your taking one for the team in the name of travel. Next, we’d like to see you dance in front of a herd of stampeding Cape buffalo in Uganda.

The Nomading Film Festival goes west

As many Gadling readers probably remember, the first ever Nomading Film Festival took place on June 11, 2011, in New York, celebrating travelers who film and not just filmmakers who travel. The debut was a huge success, with over 200 attendees coming out to enjoy feature travel films, live performances, food, drinks, games, and win over $8,000 in prizes. Now, west coast travelers and film fanatics will be able to experience this unique festival too, as NoFF goes to Portland, Oregon, on January 28.

Winter Recess, as the event is being called, will feature the same films as NoFF 2011 as well as the premier of “One Foot”, which shows NoFF co-founder Bassam Tarazi‘s journey to Everest Base Camp. Not only should you attend Winter Recess to see authentic travel films, but also for the price, as tickets are only $9 and include a round of beer. The event will take place from 12-4 PM at the McMenamins Mission Theater and will be followed by an after party that will benefit various charities, including Teen Living Charities, ProjectExplorer, 100cameras, and the Matador Youth Scholarship Fund.

To buy your ticket, click here. For a preview of what to expect, watch this video from NoFF co-founder Joshua Wolff. And don’t worry east coasters, the Nomading Film Festival will be back in New York on June 23, 2012.

In the unlikely event of College Humor’s parody on air travel…..

Anyone who has even been on an airplane has seen the flight attendants mimic a range of unlikely events, like what to do if you need to use your seat as a floatation device or if the cabin loses oxygen. Apparently, however, they have been leaving a lot of information out of the safety tutorial. What do the passengers do if the plane crash lands in the mountains and everyone begins eating each other? Or if a bolt of lighting hits and sends the plane through a space time continuum and back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth? Luckily, CollegeHumor has put together this very informational (or at least, entertaining), safety video.

There is a bit of questionable religious humor at the very end of the video, however, the beginning and middle of the clip are hysterical and will definitely get you wondering what you would do “in the unlikely event of…”.

Utah filmmakers show the best of the Beehive State

The Utah Film Commission has just announced the winners of their ninth annual “Spot On” video campaign. For the commercial contest, the organization asked Utah-based filmmakers to create 30-second spots that demonstrate what makes Utah the most visually stunning state. Open to all Utah residents and students attending school in the state, the grand prize is not only $1,500 but also the chance to see commercials on television during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival (and a grab bag that included tickets to the fest and other freebies).

The overall campaign winner is Andrew Buys, who created the ‘Utah is Epic’ film posted above. Although it appears to be simply a bunch of sweeping views of the Beehive State edited together with some dramatic background music, it definitely shows why Utah has a long history of being the backdrop to Hollywood movies, television series, and (of course) adventurous vacations. Things get a little more creative with the other winners and honorable mentions after the jump.

Second Place Winner for the Utah Film Commission 2011 “Spot On” Commercial Contest: Made by Sahna Foley

Creative Concept Award Winner for the Utah Film Commission 2011 “Spot On” Commercial Contest: Made by Warren Workman.

Honorable Mention for the Utah Film Commission 2011 “Spot On” Commercial Contest: Made by Dan Larsen

Honorable Mention for the Utah Film Commission 2011 “Spot On” Commercial Contest: Made by Xmas Lutu.

View winners from past years at the Utah Film Commission’s YouTube page.