Let There be Light

When I was in the Peace Corps in the small village in West Africa, I didn’t have electricity. Flashlights when traveling outside, and candles for inside was my usual mode of illuminating my surroundings. Many a time, I wished I could turn on the light just for a minute to find whatever it was I couldn’t find in the shadows. Mostly, I gathered the belongings I’d need before dark.

Still, finding a way to read after dark was problematic until my aunt gave me a book light for a present. I’ve noticed that book lights, like any other gadgets, don’t come in one flavor. In case you’re looking for a way to read in the car after dark, or on a train or in bed when the person you might be living with likes the lights off, here are some suggestions.

This one may be totally impractical, but to bring out the kid in you, or give to a kid, the Book Light Craft Kit by Alex provides a book light and materials to decorate it. Might make a road trip just a little more fun.

Next, there’s the Itty Bitty Book Light Vol. 2 which Zelco says is an improvement over the the first one.

If you want a book light that can do more. The Imprinted Travel mate is a book light, alarm clock AND a flashlight.