Eat at the public market – Dining out tip

Public markets are great places to find fresh, local food. From farmer’s markets in California to public markets in Chile, you can find food booths dishing up vibrant local fare. It’s one of the best ways to soak up the culture and tradition of any city or town while traveling.

It also gives you the opportunity to indulge in unusual local dishes that you may not find in restaurants. Eating at the public market is a good way to stretch your food budget, as booth food is usually extremely cheap.

Bonus: it’s usually prepared on the spot, so you’re bound to get something super-fresh!

Groceries can be a cultural experience – Dining out tip

When you arrive in a town in a country that’s not your own, check out the local culture by heading for the grocery store.

You’ll find more new food experiences than you would in a restaurant at half the price — and you can still dine out!

For instance, on a trip to Denmark, we visited a village’s grocery, looked at all the interesting foods, and bought some fabulous cheese, yogurt and smoked fish. We took it to a park and had the best lunch of our trip. (If you plan to do this, don’t forget to throw some plastic cutlery in your suitcase!)