More Americans set to travel in 2011?

According to a recent post from MSNBC Travel, a poll of over 1,300 Americans surveyed seemed to suggest that the economy-rattled, notoriously isolationist Americans are set to take to the road more during 2011.

However, seeing as the news comes amidst reports that the odds of a terror threat on US soil are at the highest they have been since 9/11, and as only 37% of Americans have been to shown to actually have a passport, the question begs to be asked where all of these traveling Americans plan on traveling to?

One common thought is Hawaii, as the 50th state has seen its visitor numbers over the last year jump by nearly 20%. Considered by many Americans to be a “safe” alternative to international travel, traditional domestic destinations such as Hawaii as well as the US National Park system stand to reap the benefits of more Americans taking to the road.

When it comes time to put the wallet on the pedal, however, many of those Americans planning to travel this year may back off the accelerator amidst the reality of rising oil prices, which some experts say could approach $4/gallon by the peak of the summer travel season.

Given this food for thought, it isn’t surprising to find out that the MSNBC post plays off the fact that although the amount of Americans planning to travel in 2011 actually significantly decreased from last year’s poll, the number of American’s planning NOT to travel also took a dip in numbers, thereby prompting the assumption.