Enter to win a $3,000 grant toward responsible, off-the-beaten path travel in China

WildChina is offering the chance for travelers to win a grant of $3,000 towards pushing the limits of responsible, off-the-beaten path travel in China. The aim of the WildChina Explorer grant is to help people find authentic, life-changing experiences in their travels while also working to protect and sustain local cultures and environments.

The previous winner of the WildChina Explorer grant was Canadian traveler and writer Jeff Fuchs along with British entrepreneur and endurance athlete Micael Kleinwort. Together they traveled to the most isolated section of the Tsalam in Qinghai, completing the expedition in May, 2011 entirely on foot and leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible. The mission was part of Fuch’s desire to bring to light long lost routes in Asia.

Criteria for grant winner includes:

  • Focus on bringing to light a long lost route, cultural issue, promoting aid in a remote community, or a journey of discovery or rediscovery
  • An enthusiasm for exploration
  • Risk management plan
  • Incorporation of Leave No Trace principles
  • Low carbon travel
  • Skill levels that are equal to the proposed itinerary

Applications are due by November 15, 2011. For more information, e-mail expedition@wildchina.com or download the form.