How Much Do We Spend on Travel?

The results from the Travel Industry Association of America are in and Americans sure like travel. The numbers prove it. Here are some highlights from an article that covers some of the report’s details. Besides mentioning numbers, Steve Stephens, the travel editor of the Columbus Dispatch covers other interesting tidbits.

Amount Americans spent on travel in 2005–$653.8 billion.

Number of trips made in 2005 to visit family, get away for the weekend or go on an extended trip in the United States — 1.48 billion.

Number of people who took a trip outside the U.S. for fun – 50 million.

We’re not the biggest spenders, though. Although, Americans spend $95.2 billion when we head overseas, people who visit the U.S., out do us–They spend $102.6 billion here. We do spend a bundle at restaurants–$444 billion.

Here’s another detail I found on the Travel Industry Association website. Amount of money generated by travel and tourism in the United States each year– $1.3 trillion.