The Big Trip Contest: How Does Around the World Sound?

“A Map for Saturday,” the documentary conceived and directed by Gadling, guest blogger Brook Silva-Braga has been raking in movie festival awards. Read Justin’s review and you’ll see why. If you look across the top of the film’s home page, you might notice how the award graphics look like winning symbols on a slot machine. That’s what I thought, anyway. If you watched the trailer of the film on the Web site, or saw the whole thing and started thinking, “Aw, rats! Why didn’t I take this trip,” or, “Sure, what a great experience for someone who can actually AFFORD a plane ticket, ” don’t fret. Your life is not wasted. All is not lost. Not yet, anyway.

There’s the most awesome opportunity for some wordsmith, traveling type to win an around the world journey. Did you catch that? AROUND the world!!! . . . Plane ticket. . . Journey!!! Along with the airfare, the winner will received 20 nights in hostels, guidebooks AND a backpack. Plus, Brook who will give a one-on-one sit down to help you plan your trip. As you can tell from this Talking Travel interview with Justin back in June, Brook is an engaging kind of guy.

To win, write a 400 word essay that explains just why YOU should be the one who gets such a prize. Click here for exact details, and click here for the rules. Once you’ve written you missive, email it to You have until November 30, 2007 to enter. Get busy. Need some inspiration? Read Brook’s posts from his Gadling series “Across Northern Europe.” They’ll whet your appetite for that possible trip in your future

**The contest is being sponsored by Earthchild Productions and Hostelling International, thus the hostel stays. If you’re traveling solo, hostels are one of the best places to meet people. If you win, you have time to pack–the deadline for hitting the road is November 30, 2008.