Travellerspoint’s Travel Maps

Travellerspoint is an online community created and developed by Samuel and Peter Daams who wanted a travel site that centered around the travel experience. Since the site launched in 2002, more than 86,000 members from 242 countries have joined. Today, Travellerspoint features forums, blogs, photo galleries, and information on accommodation and destinations — all offered for and by travelers. Although it may not be as much fun as jawing about your adventures over brews and biltong, it ranks a close second.

Recently, the site launched some pretty wicked travel maps, integrated, Flash-based maps that allow users to plan upcoming trips, and to show of their past travel routes. To use the maps, you name the trip, add some data (e.g., coordinates, dates), and hit save. The map is automagically prepared. In this way, people can keep a close eye on friends who’re traveling around the country — or the world. If you’ve got travel photos, videos, or blog entries that you’ve been adding to Travellerspoint, the maps update with these extras. Evidently, the maps will soon be embed-able, so you can embed the map of your brother’s Euro-trip in your blog.

On second thought, maybe the site is cooler than brews and biltong.

[Via Vagablogging]