Best Airline-Inspired Products For Home And Travel

Most souvenirs remind us of travel to a specific place, but how about products to remind us of the journey? Some crafty designers have made home and travel products inspired by (or even made of) airplane designs.


Baggage tag: You can use your initials or your favorite airport code on the baggage tag design of this messenger bag ($129).

Beverage cart: Ever thought those narrow beverage carts would look cool in your home? Bordbar has vintage and new customized beverage carts from 329 euro for a small galley box, 979 euro for the full size trolley.

Boarding pass: With mobile phone check-in, paper boarding passes might soon be a thing of the past. Take your laptop out for security in this snazzy sleeve, which you can customize with your name and flight info ($28.95-32.95).

Flotation device: The same designer as the belt below has taken flotation devices and fashioned them into sleeves for the iPad and iPhone, but we still wouldn’t recommend getting them wet (49-69 euro).

Remove before flight tag: Rather than wear one of those funny-looking neck pillows, use one made with an aircraft tag, complete with a loop for carrying. Don’t feel you have to follow the “remove before flight” instructions though, it works perfectly on a plane or at home ($25).

Safety card: You shouldn’t actually take the safety card from the seat pocket, but you shouldn’t leave your passport there either. Keep it safe with this $20 passport holder (slim wallet also available, $18).

Seat belt: Stay buckled in for safety with a white belt made with a real airplane belt (79 euro). Keep in mind you’ll likely still have remove it for TSA security.

Waterproof iPod Lets You Swim to Music

Next time you’re on a beach vacation, snorkeling in and around some reef, wouldn’t it be nice to have a soundtrack for the experience? Now, thanks to the new waterproofed iPod shuffle from SwimMan, you can you get your groove on while taking in the beautiful underwater scenery.

For $250, you get a genuine, 1GB Apple shuffle that the company has taken apart, waterproofed completely, and put back together again. Plus, they’ll include some headphones they’ve waterproofed as well. According to SwimMan: “This is truly the ‘go anywhere, do anything’ iPod Shuffle for all sports and leisure activities on land or in the water.”

These guys were the first to create waterproof audio players and headphones, so it sounds like they know what they’re doing. However, if something does go wrong, you can send the product back within 30 days, no questions asked.

So, what will you be rocking out to on your next underwater endeavor?

[via Geek Sugar]