Use contact lens cases to transport gels and lotions – Packing tip

Contact lens cases with screw-on lids make great travel accessories. When you want to take small quantities of hair gel, sculpting wax, eye make-up remover, an essential oil, Aloe Vera, or under-eye cream, you can’t beat contact lens cases. They’re small. They don’t leak. They can hold one week’s worth of lotion or gel in each little section.

If you don’t already own spare contact lens cases, you can buy them at most stores for less than a few dollars.

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[Photo: Flickr | Lee J Haywood]

Hand-drawn directions – Souvenir tip

It’s been said that hand-drawn directions can be a window into the soul of a culture.

When you find yourself not knowing exactly where you’re going, ask a local to draw directions for you. Keep a store of interesting napkins or papers and a pen on hand to take advantage of the opportunity of being lost.

Asking for directions might also lead you to start some great conversations and to gain a deeper insight into the locale you’re visiting. Even if you have an excellent sense of direction, it never hurts to ask for clarification!

GadlingTV’s Travel Talk 011: Eyjafjallajökull, Club Obama, immigration law, barbecuing & cliff jumping!

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Ready to fire up the barbecue? It’s just about that time of year and we’re taking full advantage of the good weather to get you started on travel ideas for Spring.

This week we’ll take a closer look at Eyjafjallajökull (and even try to pronounce it), show you new camera technology that is changing the way we look at the world, discuss the benefits of masking your ‘Americanness’ abroad, break down the controversy of Arizona’s new immigration law, and reveal the latest Chinese enterprise to profit from Barack Obama.

Aaron brings us an amazing home-cooked Tasteful Destination with a special drink recipe & Bruce! is back for an essential Travel Tip. So kick back relax and enjoy!

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Pack a flashlight (and spare batteries) – International travel tip

If you live in the US — or any developed nation — you’re most likely accustomed to electricity being readily available around the clock. Unfortunately, this infastructure may not be as reliable when traveling abroad.

My family and I found this out on a trip to the Dominican Republic where we stayed at a 4-star resort that lost power from the middle of dinner until very late in the night. There were virtually no emergency lights during the outage; it was extremely dark and unsafe. Luckily, I had packed a small flashlight that easily fit into the small purse I carry with me at all times.

[Photo credit: J. Ronald Lee]

Be inefficient – Packing tip

Look, I know everyone tells you how efficiently they can pack, rolling their clothes, tucking socks into shoes, squeezing every inch of space out of their suitcase, but you’re going on vacation. The last thing you want to do is spend the last few hours of your vacation cramming everything back into a tightly packed suitcase and then figuring out that the three souvenirs you bought don’t fit.

Save yourself the trouble and pack loosely for your outbound trip so that packing for home is quick and easy.

Use the time you save on one last margarita instead.