Travel tips: Don’t keep your money in one place

Losing your money or your credit cards can be the most stressful of events when you are traveling; stuck in a foreign land with no cash equals no fun. Room safes fail, money belts get stolen, and you can quickly turn into an unhappy traveler. An excellent way to deal with this problem is to spread your money around; never keep it in just one place.

A great article over at Hole in the Donut covers the most unusual places to stash your cash. Some of the recommendations:

-Snip a few stitches in the hem of the window drapes and slip some bills into the fabric.

-Carry duct tape with you so that you can put some money in a plastic bag and tape it under your dresser… or even the toilet tank.

-If you have a shower in your hotel or hostel room, take down the curtain rod and hide some cash in inside the hollow tube.

The most creative is of course the Brief Safe, a pair pf pre-dirtied men’s underwear that have a secret pocket where you can put some bills or other small valuables. You can buy a pair or even build your own thanks to Justin’s DIY project.