Traxo launches “Travel Score,” a points-based rewards system for travelers

You’re the ‘mayor’ of both your gym and local coffee shop, your credit and Klout scores are off the charts and you’re a platinum member of your preferred airline. Now, in addition to regularly racking up miles and points, you can also tout your new Traxo Travel Score.

Traxo, a useful web-based company that tracks all of your travel loyalty programs in one place and uses social sharing options to let you share trips across your social media friend base, today has launched their newest feature, the Traxo Travel ScoreTM, billed as “the official measure of one’s overall travel experience.”

How does it work? The company says that the score is based on a patent-pending algorithm that awards travelers a score between 1 and 100 by taking into account over a dozen travel variables that includes the number of unique states and countries visited, the total miles traveled, the total days traveled, and the total status achieved across all the various travel loyalty and mileage programs and whether the trip was confirmed by Traxo. Travelers with the highest scores will enjoy the best travel perks.”With the Traxo Travel Score, we help you display and unlock the benefits of your travel experiences beyond the perks you are already getting from individual loyalty programs.” said Andres Fabris, CEO of Traxo. “A high Traxo Travel Score rewards travelers with both bragging rights and tangible travel perks, while identifying the most valuable consumers for our corporate partners.”

In order to test the program, we set up a Traxo account and linked up our current rewards programs. While the process took a bit of time, we liked that we now only have one hub for finding our rewards activity – although it doesn’t help us when we’re entering frequent flier data on new or existing reservations. Instead, the program just tracks our existing and upcoming trips and rewards activity. Still, the program was simple and easy to use, and over 100 travel partners ensure that most all rewards programs are already in the system (we noticed Kimpton was missing, but that was it).

The travel score also promises to retroactively pull up past location from over a dozen travel and check-in services. For travel providers not yet connected with Traxo, members can manually input their trip details that are then incorporated into their scores. Going forward, Traxo does all the work, automatically weighing all travel booked into each members’ score.

But of course, no new web program is complete without some sort of reward – travelers who achieve a Traxo Travel Score of 90 and above will be eligible to win a Traxo Travel Perk like a round trip ticket on South African Airways or adventure luggage from Briggs and Riley. Travelers who achieve a score of 80 and above will earn the Traxo Travel Perk of their choice, such as free Avis or Budget car rental voucher, a free one-year subscription to Condé Nast Traveler magazine, free travel insurance from World Nomads, and free access to the Virgin America club lounge. Traxo is currently working with top travel brands to add even more travel perks.

We’re excited to see where this goes – the concept of Klout for travelers, particularly travel writers like us, would be very fun.

Traxo: all-in-one mileage, points and status tracker

Last week, we took a look at ten ways to prevent your hard earned miles and points from expiring. From that article, we received a tip to check out another new online mileage tracker – Traxo.

Traxo describes itself as “an automatic, intelligent new system for organizing, managing and sharing all of your trip details”. What this means to us travelers, is that the site automatically monitors your miles and points on over 40 different sites. The system knows how to access almost every major airline, hotel chain, online travel agency, rental car company and credit card reward program – and once entered into their site, you’ll have a single point of reference for all your accounts.

Best of all, the site does more than just display your account balances – it also tracks your current membership status, informing you how far you are from the next tier. It also collects all your (upcoming) trips, and its social features can share (parts of) these trips with authorized friends and family members. Other handy features can alert you when miles or points are going to expire, giving you plenty of time to find a quick way to add some new activity.

Of course, as with all sites that “scrape” from your accounts, you need to be well aware that there may be risks involved, but the Traxo privacy policy seems quite adequate.

The site is easy to navigate and accounts can be added very quickly. Best of all, the service is free of charge. To take it for a spin, head on over to