Have Treo, Will Travel

Erik Olsen introduced you to New West
a couple of weeks ago, and I have to agree with him — it is a superb magazine.  I’m particularly a
fan of Tonya Poole, one of their newest writers (and, incidentally, author of the beautiful blog Adventure Journalist: The Notebook).  Tonya
lives, literally, out in the middle of nowhere — amongst the brush and coyotes of the San Luis Valley, in Southern
Colorado.  As a travel writer, she therefore relies on technology to ensure that she makes her deadlines and stays
in touch with publishers.

Tonya, who’s been known to do month-long road trips, recently reviewed the Palm
Treo 650 Smartphone for New West Magazine — and suffice to say, she loves it.  In Tonya’s words:  "
Mobile technology continues to open up the road for us, and, as travel lovers and business owners, has let us blur
personal and professional lives together so that focusing on one no longer means neglecting the other." 

If you’re a person who travels a lot, you definitely should check out her article.  But be warned:  if you
don’t already have a Treo, you may be tempted (like I am!) to pick one up, soon.