Adventurer Prepares For Global Triathlon

British adventurer Dan Martin is about to embark on an epic challenge that he calls the Global Triathlon. The journey, which is set to get underway from New York City any day now, will see Dan circling the globe completely under his own power, and just like any other triathlon he’ll be swimming, cycling and running the various legs. In this case, those legs just happen to be substantially longer.

All triathlons, regardless of length, always start with a swim and Dan’s is no different. In this case, however, that swim involves crossing the Atlantic Ocean. He’ll first enter the water in the Hudson River and start heading east, continuing to do so until he makes landfall in France. Along the way, Dan will be escorted by a support boat, which is where he’ll sleep, eat and rest while en route. At the end of each day, he’ll crawl on to the boat, replace as many burned calories as he can and try to regain his strength for the next day, when he’ll return to the water and continue on.

To date, only one other person has managed to swim across the Atlantic. Back in 1998, French long distance swimmer Benoit Lecomte managed to accomplish that feat in just over 73 days. Lecomte’s efforts are contested by some, however, because he didn’t use a GPS to strictly track his progress. Dan hopes to allow others to follow his progress via his website, keeping the world updated on his position at all times.Once he does arrive in France the cycling stage of the journey will begin. Dan will climb aboard his bike and start peddling across Europe and Asia – in the dead of winter no less. If everything goes as planned he’ll eventually end the bike ride in the city of Anadyr, located in Russia’s far east. From there he’ll hop across the Bering Sea and start the finale leg of the Global Triathlon, running from Uelen, Alaska, back to New York City. When he’s done, Martin expects to have covered roughly 18,640 miles.

Dan actually thought that he would be underway by now, but a few logistical hiccups have prevented him from getting started on time. Nonetheless, he and his support crew are currently in NYC and they hope to have everything ironed out soon. You can follow his progress and updates both on his Facebook page and through his Twitter feed.

Good luck Dan!

[Photo courtesy Dan Martin]

Aspen to host ultimate adventure weekend in June

This June, Aspen, Colorado will be ground zero for the outdoor adventure crowd when the city plays host to the second annual Outside in Aspen weekend. The event, which is sponsored by Outside magazine, features top adventure athletes, numerous outdoor activities, and plenty of rockin’ parties as well.

The event kicks off with a welcome party at the Sky Hotel on Friday, June 10, but the real festivities get going the following day. At 8 AM on both Saturday and Sunday, a host of adventure activities get underway, giving visitors the chance to mountain bike, paddle, cycle, hike, and climb with top outdoor athletes, including professional cyclist Tyler Hamilton and pro kayaker Brad Ludden. There will also be an adventure filmmaking and photography workshop, and the annual Aspen Triathlon will also take place on Saturday as well.

When not participating in these great activities, visitors can hang out at the Adventure Base Camp, which will offer a number of outdoor related exhibits, gear giveaways, and refreshments as well. The Base Camp will also be the site of the Adventure Symposium on Sunday, where a panel of adventurers and explorers will discuss the risks and rewards of extreme adventure.

All in all, it should be another fantastic weekend for outdoor enthusiasts, and two-night lodging packages are available for attendees at very reasonable prices. Visitors to the event can stay for as little as $99 per person in double occupancy rooms at a number of hotels in the city. Visit the Outside in Aspen website for all the details. Adventure activities are priced separately and can also be booked via the website.

Outside in Aspen looks like it will be a great way to kick off the summer, with a fantastic weekend of adventure in the middle of June. From what I understand, last year’s event was a lot of fun, and it looks like the second iteration will be even better. Besides, do you really need much of an excuse to go play in the mountains of Colorado?

[Photo credit: Outside in Aspen]

Daily Pampering: October Triathlete Camp in Luxury Hawaii Resort

It can be difficult to find the perfect balance between vigorous work and pleasure, and this is an excellent example of a successful pairing. Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows on the Big Island of Hawaii has a new Iron-Fit package for October 2010 which will have you feeling relaxed and rock solid — triathlon style.

The resort will be hosting Team Mauna Lani, comprised of Ironman champs Tim DeBoom from Colorado, Matt Lieto from Oregon, John Flanagan from Oahu, Belinda Granger from Australia and Luke Bell also from Australia (pictured at right) this October. You can train right alongside them for Hawaii’s most elite endurance events. Beginner and amateur athletes are welcome.

General Manager of Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows, Brian Butterworth, says, “We are inspired by each athlete’s commitment and passion for competing at the elite level and are very excited to be part of their journey. We hope Team Mauna Lani will encourage more people to take up endurance sports and train in one of the best locations in the world.”

The Iron-Fit package at Mauna Lani includes:

  • Daily tri-road bicycle use (the roads nearby are ideal for cycling and altitude training)
  • A daily personal trainer
  • A daily sports massage
  • Access to Mauna Lani’s world-class fitness center and 25 meter lap pool
  • Access to the private secluded beach for ocean swimming
  • All the spoils of this luxury resort, including golf courses, gourmet food and a beautiful spa

Just try not to get amazingly fit when you have a daily trainer and daily massage. And, while you’re training and becoming one with the environment, it’s good to know that Mauna Lani is an eco-friendly hotel. You can read more about their green programs here.

Iron-Fit packages start at $700 for a standard single and rise to $1,350 for an ocean-front double room. If you have a spouse to bring along who thinks you’re crazy, park them by the pool, hand them a cocktail and everyone wins.

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