Cowgirls hit the trail with ‘100 klicks for chicks’ ride

The Triple Creek Ranch, located in beautiful Darby, Montana, is preparing for their inaugural “100 Klicks for Chicks” trail ride, which will send adventurous cowgirls off on a five-day excursion through the Rocky Mountains. This women’s only ride will be a of mix all-day adventure with luxury accommodations back at the bunkhouse at night.

Scheduled to begin on Thursday, October 28th and run through Monday, November 1st, the ride will cover 100km (62 miles) through some of the most stunning backcountry in the U.S. The ladies will spend their days in the saddle as they ride through majestic canyons, over high mountain passes, and around deep blue lakes, exploring remote areas of the Rocky Mountains. And at the end of the day, they’ll return to the ranch for an evening of gourmet meals and tall tales by the fire.

The cowgirls will begin with a warm-up ride on the first day, covering just 10 klicks (6 miles). During that ride, they’ll get acquainted with their horses and get comfortable in the saddle, where they’ll be spending the better part of the next three days. After that, they’ll hit the trail each morning for longer, more extended rides, covering as much as 21 miles on the longest day. Beginner riders are encouraged to join in on the fun, but be aware that this trip can be a test of endurance, albeit one with plenty of payoffs along the way too.

While this is a ladies only ride, the boys can still visit the Triple Creek too, and take part in their own adventures during the day, before catching up with the women at dinner time. The cost is $650/day for each couple and includes accommodations in luxury cabins at the Ranch, all meals, beverages, and other activities.

For more information on the 100 Klicks for Chicks weekend, click here.

[Photo credit: Triple Creek Ranch]