Gorgeous time lapse of Australia’s “Southern Lights”

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to see the Northern Lights, that glorious display of eerie green “smoke” that appears to float above the nighttime sky of some of the furthest northern reaches of our globe. But now I have another sight to add to that list: the Southern Lights. Also know as “Aurora Australis”, it’s the southern hemisphere equivalent of the auroras that occur up north, captured in stunning time-lapse fashion near Melbourne, Australia by photographer Alex Cherney. Give the video above a click and watch as the Milky Way gracefully dances across the southern sky, punctuated by the mesmerizing warm pulses of pink, yellow and orange.

Photo of the day – Norwegian wildflowers

norwegian wildflowers

Norwegian wildflowers are the subject of today’s Photo of the Day. Flickr user Tao, Ding took this snapshot of flowers against a striking mountain backdrop in Tromsø, Norway back in July.

I have a nostalgic reaction to this photo. It reminds me of images in early 1980s earth science textbooks, of one of those visions designed to capture a sense of the earth in its full glory. Fun fact: Today’s low temperature in Tromsø is 45 degrees Fahrenheit, or 7 degrees Celsius.

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Video: Tromso, Norway

Tromsø from Dave Pinke on Vimeo.

Anyone can go to Tromso, Norway. Anyone can go anywhere, actually–that’s what I like the most about travel. There aren’t restrictions. Get up and go if you want to go. Take pictures and make videos documenting the things you see and experiences that will, undoubtedly, mold you. That’s what Dave Pinke has done. Dave Pinke is a traveler, video-taker, all-around cool guy from New York. He’s spent much of his time over the last few years gallivanting across the globe and putting together splendid little videos in honor of the places he visits. Complete with fun clips and appropriate music, his travel videos are some of my favorite. They dive deep into his personal experiences and by the end of each video, I feel like I’ve walked in his footsteps.

Check out his video above from his trip to Tromso, Norway. His video offers some general glimpses of Tromso. Endless snow, Northern Lights, Lego creations, and plenty of food shots make this video whole. When you’re done enjoying this video, take a look at this other video we published earlier this year featuring the Northern Lights in Tromso specifically here.

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