Trump Las Vegas hotel offers a “paws massage package” for you and your pooch

Sure, traveling with your pet is nothing new – but what about heading to the spa with your favorite four-legged friends? Trump Las Vegas, one of the first Las Vegas hotels to
welcome pets, is now offering a guests a Paws Massage Package, which includes a 30-minute rubdown for guests and a 30-minute massage for your pooch. The $150 package is performed in the comfort of your own suite.

Misty, star of Marley & Me, was one of the first to recieve the service. The pooch gave it four paws up, or so we’re told.

The hotel goes out of its way to be pet-friendly, equipping rooms amenities including a plush dog bed, gourmet treats, a water bowl and fresh bottled water. The hotel will also donate a portion of the $200 cleaning fee for every dog that stays at the property to the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Sanctuary.

While we’re not sure our own pup is going to be the best companion for a rubdown, (he’s a bit vocal about his tummy rubs) we’d love to hear your thoughts about this service – is it something you want to try?