Visiting Sitcom Residences in New York

Growing up in Los Angeles means growing up with Hollywood. “Look, that’s the house where they filmed the Brady Bunch!” is a typical comment that just goes with the territory.

I often forget, however, that there is a whole different Hollywood on the east coast enjoyed by residents of New York. “Look, that’s the building where they filmed the Jeffersons,” is, I suppose, the east coast equivalent.

It never occurred to me just how many iconic TV programs of my youth were actually filmed in New York. Thanks to columnist Seth Kugel, however, I can now take a walk down memory lane next time I’m in the big apple.

Where the Cameras Rolled is not just a listing of these famous sitcom residences, but a detailed guide explaining how to get to each and every one, including the houses from Different Strokes, the Jefferson’s, the Odd Couple, All in the Family, the Cosby Show, and of course, the most quintessential of all New York sitcoms, Friends.

Call me biased, but personally, I can’t imagine that any of these could beat out the Brady Bunch house.