Unlimited Twitter on the go for $7.95/month with Peek

The folks at Peek have been featured here on Gadling ever since we brought you one of the first ever reviews of this mobile all-you-can-eat email device. In fact, we were so impressed with the little emailer, that it was featured as one of our top 25 products of 2008.

A couple of things changed in Peek world in 2009 – most notably, the introduction of their faster Peek Pronto. But it appears they are keeping the best for the end of the year with a dedicated Twittering Peek.

The first photos of this device leaked out last week (Peek isn’t good at keeping a secret), but the first official leak comes from Amazon.com.

TwitterPeek is priced at $99.95, and comes with 6 months of service. After that, each month is just $7.95.

To be honest, this sounds like one hell of a deal, and Peek did two things right here – they priced it right, and they jumped on the Twitter traction. Twitter is hot, and an $8 mobile Twitter device is going to be a huge hit – it wouldn’t surprise me to find this under the tree at many households this holiday season. Normally, getting Twitter on the go requires a decent smartphone and a pricey data plan.

An official announcement from Peek will probably follow later today, but if you can’t wait, Amazon is more than willing to accept your orders right now.