Where Do US Travelers Go During Summer?

Do you want to know what the most popular travel destinations in the United States are for summer? To help relay that information and inspire people with trip ideas, Mapquest has created a “Summer Travel” infographic, which has been shared by Daily Infographic.

By looking at what searches were performed on their website in 2011 as well as doing some factual research, Mapquest was able to gather data on various summer travel topics. Here are some of their findings:

  • The top five national parks searched included Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier National and Zion
  • The 10 most searched U.S. travel sites included Times Square in New York, The White House in Washington D.C., Disney World in Florida, Graceland in Tennessee, Legoland in California, Disneyland in California, The Golden Gate Bridge in California, Hoover Dam on the borders of Arizona and Nevada, Mall of America in Minnesota and Navy Pier in Chicago
  • Mondays at 9 a.m. is the best time to fill up your gas tank

Gadling readers compile U.S. road trip must-sees

Gadling would first like to congratulate Karin V, Arti K, and Benderillo, who are the lucky winners of our Road Trip USA giveaway! A copy of Road Trip USA, Route 66, and the Pacific Coast Highway are heading to your doorsteps as I type this.

Here are our winners’ road trip destination descriptions:

from “Road Trip USA” winner Karin V:
The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a must see! It seems that most people opt to head to the South Rim. The North Rim is a little out of the way and a bit more isolated, but that is what makes it so wonderful. There is a wonderful lodge just outside the park in the Kaibab forest that is a fantastic place to stop and spend a little time too.

from “Route 66” winner Arti K:
I was returning to California after finishing graduate school up in Illinois – so I decided to do a road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles, via Seattle. Logical, I know. =). But the biggest highlight was driving through South Dakota, seeing signs for a ‘scenic detour’, and quite literally stumbling on the Badlands National Park. The majesty of the place can’t be exaggerated, and it is such a shocking change after the rolling plains of South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois and onwards to the east. It is absolutely a must-see! I missed out on seeing the ‘Going To The Sun Road’ (Montana) and Mt. St. Helens (Oregon) as these are at higher elevations and I was traveling around the end of May. These are next on my must-see list.

from “Pacific Coast Highway” winner Benderillo:
Redwood National Forest. A walk amongst the Giant Trees is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

(find out about the Gadling Readers’ Road Trip after the jump)
I was so blown away by the fantastic suggestions for places to visit in the U.S. before we die that I compiled some of the best descriptions below, as well as a handy Gadling Readers Road Trip GoogleMap should you feel compelled to hit the asphalt and check out some of America’s best attractions.

View Gadling Readers’ Road Trip in a larger map

In case you don’t know how to use GoogleMaps, click on any pin to view a Gadling reader’s description. You can also retrieve directions to and from any destination.

Enjoy the road and don’t forget to buckle up!