Winners of the “Ultimate Mountain Gig” contest announced

The Canyons ski resort announced the winners of their Ultimate Mountain Gig contest earlier this week, selecting not one, but two, applicants to fill the role as their official ambassadors for the remainder of the 2011 ski season. The contest, which was announced last September, gave skiers and snowboarders an opportunity to compete for a job that offered $40k in salary, a full season ski pass, plenty of gear, and room and board at the Waldorf Astoria that is located on site at the Park City, Utah resort.

The co-winners of the Ultimate Mountain Gig are former Olympic ski racer Kaylin Richardson and ex-British soldier Andy Campbell. Richardson has been a member of the U.S. ski team for ten years and has won four Alpine National Championships and competed in two Olympic games. Campbell served his country in a variety of locations, including Iraq, but was paralyzed from the waist down in a climbing accident in 2004. That hasn’t slowed him down one bit however, as he still scuba dives, skis and paraglides all over the world.

Campbell and Richardson were selected for the gig from a pool of 450 applicants. The pair have already gone to work for The Canyons, writing about their experience at the Ultimate Mountain Gig website. Over the next four months or so, they’ll be helping to promote the resort by writing blog posts and producing video diaries about their experiences. I’m sure they’ll also find plenty of time to hit the slopes and interact with the guests too.

[Photo credit: The Canyons]