Innovative product adds an HD camcorder to a scuba mask

Several days ago I wrote about a digital camcorder that was waterproof enough to take on your next diving trip. Of course, the only thing that could be easier, is if you were able to bring your camera with you on every diving trip you take.

That is where the Liquid Image HD Scuba mask could help you. The mask/camera features an integrated HD video camera capable of recording at 720p/30 frames per second.

The mask is rated for depths up to 115ft, and includes 2 LED light attachments for increasing the color and detail which is usually lost as you dive deeper.

The camera has 64MB of internal memory, but any real life use will require an additional MicroSD memory card which adds 1 hour of space for every 2GB of storage.

The Liquid Image HD Scuba series camera mask will be available in Spring, and the suggested retail price is $215.

Daily deal – Sanyo VPC-E2 waterproof digital camcorder for $199

My daily deal for today is for the Sanyo Xacti VPC-E2 digital camcorder. This 8 megapixel camera has all the features you’d expect from a digital video camera, including a swiveling screen, a 2.5″ LCD screen, up to 8 hours of video (on an 8GB card) and the ability to capture video in 60 frames per second in VGA resolution.

What makes this camera different, is the ability to work underwater – and not just “splashes of water”. The VPC-E2 is waterproof enough to work in up to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes. Of course, this does not make it your next best diving buddy, but you should be able to film some nice clips of your kids diving, or of the underwater environment on your next vacation.

The VPC-E2 comes complete with a rechargable battery pack, charger, Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 (for video editing), a soft case and a hand strap.

The camera is on sale at for just $199, making it one of the cheapest true underwater video cameras on the market.

WetPixel Quarterly offers Gadling readers a subscription deal

Here’s some Gadling reader love from WetPixel Quarterly. Any Gadling reader that subscribes to the magazine will get the first issue (September, 2007) free and $5 off a yearly subscription. This slick publication is aimed towards folks who are interested in high quality underwater photography–whether you take photos yourself or you just love the ocean. WetPixel has been an on-line worldwide network for amateur and professionals for awhile, but the magazine fills another niche.

For those of you who love to pour over pages of gorgeous, glossy photos of the deep and stay abreast of the latest discussions about marine conservation and what-not, this is a magazine you will want to have arrive in your snail mail box four times a year. The premiere issue–September 2007 includes WetPixel’s World-Underwater photo contest winners, DEEP Indonesia photo contest winners and photos by Norbert Wu. This issue, the one pictured, is your freebie.

Norbert Wu’s photographs make me really hang my head in photo shame. He takes such wonderful shots underwater and I manage to take the worst picture of a bear from dry land that there ever was. Click here for a photo he took in Antarctica. Way high up on the Wow factor. You can buy Wu’s photos and others’ from the WetPixel Quarterly Web site. You can also submit your own.

To get this subscription deal use the Promocode GADLINGRULES when you subscribe via the Web site. If you subscribe by phone, call +1-415-449-1456. Remember to use GADLINGRULES.

The advantages of subscribing are that you get 30% off the newsstand price and access to the Web site’s Member’s Only section where there are more articles and information about the photographs. Wouldn’t this magazine subscription make a lovely gift? No time to have the first issue show up on time? Print off a copy of the homepage and put it in a gift box or gift bag with a note of what’s to come.

SUBIOS, Seychelles’ Annual Underwater Film and Image Festival

If you love the ocean, scuba diving, movies, island living and luxury than here is the perfect place for you. From March 19-25, SUBIOS, Seychelles’ annual underwater film festival will take visitors on a unique excursion to the deep.

Expert cinematographers and photographers from around the world will guest speak about the work they do to capture underwater images in documentaries and exhibitions. This is a chance to be awestruck and inspired to do your own work–or simply marvel at other people’s.

A photography and video competition are also part of this event. Unfortunately, the deadline for this year’s entries was yesterday, but you can keep this in mind for a next year possibility as a way to showcase your talents. Use this year to get an idea of what kind of talent you are up against. From the looks of the photos on the website, the competion looks steep. Did I say breathtakingly gorgeous?

If you can’t make it to the Seychelles in the next few weeks, April/May and October/November are the best months for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Divester’s First-Ever Photo Contest!!!

DiversHey all! Our sister site Divester is having their first-ever photo contest and to establish who’s got the best underwater snapshot they’re asking the masses to vote. After receiving over 1,200 entries in the Divester Flickr pool they somehow managed to narrow it down to 10 very diverse and amazing water works. (Good job!) The winner of this contest will get a complimentary issue of Diving the World and the satisfaction of knowing they’re better than all the rest on Divester! Voting ends on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at midnight. Go vote now!

Just on a personal note: It seriously took me quite a while to place my vote. I was stumped. So many incredible shots, but there can only be one winner… Gah! Seeing I’m the biggest non-diver I know I really wanted to vote for the shot you see to the right here taken by Brad77. Looking at this picture makes me wish I too were an deep water adventurer exploring ocean caves, corals, schools of fish and I’ll pass on the shark encounters. While this piece added a lot to my imagination I still wasn’t sold. There are nine others to choose from. What was my final decision? I guess we’ll know once voting has come to a close. Maybe I went with it anyway.