Japan’s Newest Summer Treat: Cream Puff With Soy Sauce Ice Cream

For those interested in creative cuisine, look no further than Japan. Last week, we told you about Tokyo’s traditional Eel Day and how they prepare this special dish. Now, a Japanese confectionery company has come out with a cream puff filled with soy sauce flavored ice cream.

“It’s a mixture of soy sauce and ice cream, producing a well-balanced salty, yet sweet, ice cream, which is perfect for the summer,” said Kunihiko Shirokawa at Tokyo-based confectioner Hirota, one of the developers. “We are planning another product for the autumn.”

According to Reuters, Hirota joined forces with Yamani Soy Sauce Co to create the unique flavor. The best part? A portion of the proceeds goes toward helping Rikuzentakata, a city flattened by massive waves.

Seki Kinya, head of Tokyo entrepreneurial consulting firm Big Apple, arranged the collaboration after volunteering to help clean up the city after the disaster. Along with the donation from each sale, the partnership is also helping local business, as Yamani Soy Sauce Co is located in Rikuzentakata.

[Image via palindrome6996]

Where To Eat Exotic Meats In Denver, Colorado

Located at 2148 Larimer Street, Biker Jim’s is an unassuming hot dog restaurant serving up a very unique menu. While the crowds of families, couples and groups of friends may look like they’re eating your average beef hot dog, they’re more likely eating elk, duck, pheasant, buffalo, rattlesnake, wild boar or possibly reindeer. They also have a bat burger topped with bacon, avocado and tomato cream cheese.

Hot dogs are $6, with additional costs for toppings. And, we’re not talking just ketchup. Cream cheese with caramelized onions, Malaysian jam and wasabi aioli with caramelized apple are just some of the unique choices you can top your dog with. My companion and I ordered the Alaskan reindeer and bat dog. While the reindeer was extremely plump and juicy with a very spicy flavor, the bat dog was a lot sweeter with a smoky essence.

If you’re in the mood to eat outside, Biker Jim’s also has an outdoor food cart. It’s located across from the clock tower on the 16th Street Mall. You can head over around 10:30 a.m. to get your fix, and they stay until around 3 or 4 p.m.

Best of all, they’re open until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, so you’ll be able to satiate your drunk munchies with some buffalo wrapped in bacon, or a combo dog of rattlesnake and pheasant.