Four unusual ways to get married in Las Vegas

Valentine’s Day is here, meaning many people can’t help but have marriage on their mind. It’s estimated that over 300 wedding ceremonies happen per day in Las Vegas–America’s quintessential locale for love, lights, and luck–where there are plenty of options that go beyond run-of-the-mill ceremonies. Below are a few of the most unusual ways to tie the knot in Sin City.Pop-Up Chapel
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
If you find yourself seeking an impromptu wedding, check out the pop-up chapel at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (pictured above). Novelty rings are dispensed from a gumball machine, and a photobooth posts pictures to Facebook and Twitter. Prices start at $80 for the bare-bones “Hitched in a Hurry Package,” which includes the ceremony, champagne, two rings, a photo, and a gift bag.

Photo courtesy The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Marriage in the Sky
Las Vegas Hotel
Say your vows high in the sky as you take a 22-mile helicopter flight over the Las Vegas Strip. At a cost of $1,200, the soon-so-be-wed couple can take off with four guests. The trip starts as the sun sets, and includes pretty much everything: digital photos, a bridal bouquet and matching boutonniere for the groom, transportation, and champagne. If a helicopter isn’t for you, there are also several companies doing hot air balloon wedding around Las Vegas.

Underwater Wedding
Silverton Casino
Dive right into married life at the Silverton Casino, where you can share vows inside a 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium. More than stringrays, sharks, and more than 4,000 tropical fish will bear witness to the ceremony (plus anyone that just-so-happens to be passing by). The casino’s wedding package includes all the gear you’ll need, a photo package, and officiate service. Mermaids are available upon request.

Photo by mree / flickr.

The Little White Chapel Tunnel of Love
This drive-thru wedding chapel was conceived in 1991, when Charolette Richards–who had been in the wedding industry since the 1950’s–noticed a handicapped couple having difficulty getting out of their car and into a chapel. Today, The Little White Chapel maintains the classic “Tunnel of Love,” a 24-hour drive-up wedding window, allowing couples to get married in limos, on motorcycles, or in their cars. It’s unusual, but it’s also one of the most talked about ways to get married in Las Vegas: the drive-thru chapel has hosted wedding ceremonies and vow renewals for may celebrities, and has been featured on TV shows including Friends and The Today Show.

Couple gets hitched while flying on top of two biplanes

I’m sure Orville and Wilbur Wright would get a kick out of seeing how their invention has opened doors to new ways of finding wedded bliss.

When Katie Hodgson and Darren McWalters climbed up onto the top of the biplanes–one each, they weren’t the only ones getting strapped into place. A minister was strapped onto the 3rd plane.

My first thought was when I watched this video, I wonder where they found the daredevil minister? I was also impressed Katie was able to climb aboard in such a lovely dress. I also wondered if this couple knows the song, “On the Wings of Love?”

The wedding took place in Great Britain on Tuesday. For a detailed account, click here for an article I found. The groom used to be afraid of heights.