Airport security checks your luggage, carry-on and… penis size?

Airport security never ceases to amaze me, every time I think things are getting a little wacky, I’m shown something new that makes everything I saw in the past suddenly seem logical.

Urinals at the Southwest airlines terminal at Houston’s Hobby airport have a sign warning peeing passengers that:

Automatic infrared flush sensors also provide video monitoring for security purposes”

Seriously, the department of homeland security now considers male genitalia to be a threat to national security?

Now, before I blame the department for being total idiots, I can’t help feel that this entire thing is a prank, and that everyone reporting on it is part of one funny joke.

In fact, despite their track record of silly decisions, I doubt they’d do this. Obviously, someone decided to have some fun, and made some homemade stickers. If I am proven wrong, I’d be really interested to hear why the TSA is so interested in these images, and how long until we are all warned about the dangers of penis bombs.

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Controversial Urinals in Vienna

Having been in Vienna last summer, I was disappointed to learn a little too late about a most extraordinary bathroom.

The Toilet-Bar Vienna is a small public bathroom located in an underpass near the National Opera. As you can see from the photo above, this is no ordinary bathroom. For the small price of just 75 cents, patrons of the urinal arts can relieve themselves in some of the most decorative urinals ever conceived by man.

Unfortunately, someone blabbed their mouth off to the opposite gender and local women’s rights groups eventually forced the proprietors to remove the sexist objects.

The creator of the lip urinals eventually sold them on eBay, so who knows where they might appear next. If you happen to run across them in a bathroom located in some sexist corner of the globe, don’t tell anyone!

The World’s Largest Bathroom

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