Video of the Week (4.9.10)

This week we have a video from AvWeb, an aviation news site, of an insightful interview with Jeffrey Skiles, the humble co-pilot of the USAirways flight 1549 that ditched in the Hudson. Jeffrey says he’d do it all again if he had the chance to go back in time, but that there’s still one moment in a flight that still gives him a startle. But let’s hear about it from him:

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Photo of the Day (1/15/09)

From our Gadling group at Flickr comes this shot taken by olyman almost exactly where the USAirways flight 1549 ditched today. I’ve always wanted to kayak around Manhattan, and I probably would have discovered this picture eventually, but with the exciting news that everyone appears to have survived the ditching of the A320 in the Hudson River, I wondered if there was a picture in the Gadling group taken from a a similar vantage point.

Sure enough, this looks like it was taken around the same spot, albeit at a much warmer time of the year.

My hat’s off to the flight attendants and pilots of USAirways 1549.

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