Juicing up on the road

Most of us these days travel with all manner of digital, battery-powered devices. Whether it’s a laptop, an iPod, a digital camera or a mobile phone, it’s inevitable you’ll need to plug in at some point and recharge. Thankfully, Engadget has been all over the topic this week, offering several solutions. If you’re traveling around the U.S., they recommend this power strip that combines three power outlets and two USB ports in one portable device. The best part is the addition of USB, which will let you hook up your iPod or other USB-powered peripherals for charging.

If you’re headed abroad, Engadget also has you covered. They posted earlier today on this universal travel adapter that also features a built-in USB connection. These new power adapter/USB hybrids arrived just in the nick of time – I was beginning to wonder where I could plug in my USB blender while I’m on the road.